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Homedica offers 60 minute Corporate Lunch and Learns that can help guide your employees to better health. Happy and healthy employees are, more content, have a better attendance and are better able to cope with stress.

These lunch and learns are available as one individual session or as a package series, some with guest speakers, all offer a holistic approach to all aspects of your employees life.

60 Minutes to better health, lunch & learn series:
Enjoy the complimentary lunch & learn and book more for the rest of your employees. Choose 3 or 5 sessions for your employees and see the improvement in your their health. 

Nutrition 101 - A 16 step guide to get your nutrition back on track and your employees feeling better daily.

Book more of these special Lunch & Learns for your employees​​ well being today!

• Immune Power - Certain foods can bust your immune power where other can boost them. Plus there are natural side-effect free homeopathic medicines that help prevent illness. You can easily learn how to boost your immune power through foods and non-invasive medicines that's safe for you and everyone in your family, at any stage of health

Relax with desk Yoga - Stress can make a mess of our backs, arms and hands, here's some simple exercises that your employees can do at their desk to release stress and reduce fatigue (fee applies)

Stress Workshop - Learn how stress affects the body, mind and spirit and how your employees can support their body through foods and supplements

Just for Women - We look at women's major health issues, discuss how and why they develop and how we can prevent them through great nutrition and lifestyle changes

Crave! - Most people know they crave certain foods; coffee in the morning is a must, chocolate or chips at 3pm, how about cheese or pickles? From evolution to stress there is a reason why we crave these foods. In this lunch & learn you will learn the basics as to why you crave and how to stop them

NEW  Supplements - This unregulated industry is a marketing machine. People don’t know they’re taking supplements that are more filler than effective. This seminar is a guide to which supplements you need to take to maintain or, improve your health and which ones are the best on the market. ​

​​NEW • Connecting - The one personal skill that can have the greatest impact on your career and life satisfaction is the ability to communicate effectively. Learn how to listen attentively, read body language, speak authentically, network and create more meaningful connections with others.

NEWAlignment - How many times have you set a goal and not followed through? Lean more about the art of setting personally relevant goals, self-monitoring, and rewiring your brain and behaviour in order to align them with your deepest desires.

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Corporate Weight Loss Programs
Stress can show up in so many ways but the most
​noticeable sign is what shows up on the waistline.
​Offering your employees individual weight loss programs
​in their workplace gives them a chance to change to a healthier way of life with the added benefit of convenience.

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