Homeopathic & Nutritional Fees for Patients
All patients receive a nutritional plan with their homeopathic remedies. All homeopathic remedies are included in your treatment plan, with the exception of special orders, tissue salts or whole viles of remedy ​to manage chronic-acute episodes (i.e.: migraine remedies).

​Patient 2hr Initial Appointment

​$200 + HST

​​​Follow-up Appointment
$80 + HST

Acute Appointment
​(cold, flu's, whooping cough, teething)

$80 + HST

​Cleanse Programs

‘Back-on-Track‘ Programs
Individual Initial Interview and Program  ​$97 (+ HST)
Family Initial Interview and Program  $298 (+ HST)

‘I feel great!‘ Cleanse Program  $97 (+ HST)

‘Parents-to-be‘ Cleanse Program
Couple Initial Interview and Program
​$298 (+ HST)

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​Healthy Family Package*
​$839.99 + HST (Save $240)
1 intake and 11 follow up / acute appt's
Or 2 intakes and 9 follow up / acute appt's
This package is valid for any member of the immediate family, includes home visits, telephone and Skype appointments and all homeopathic remedy. Includes nutrition plan and either one shopping trip or one meal plan.

Healthy Plan - Follow ups Package
6 months $429.99 + HST (Save $50)​
​12 months $828.99 + HST (Save $131)

Follow ups / acute appointments for the individual who has had their intake, but wants to keep up heir treatment plan. Includes home visits, telephone and Skype appointments and homeopathic remedy and nutritional plan.

Clean my Cupboards*
$240 + HST
Home clean up of your kitchen cupboards and supplements cabinet with removal of products that don't align with your health goals or that are out of date. This is a 3 hour home visit

*Packages valid for 2years. Packages do not include: supplements, special order remedy, tissue salts, probiotics or creams. Gift certificates are available.

Registered with:
The Canadian Society of Homeopaths​​
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

​​​​Qualifications: If my education matters to you, please feel free to view my CV. As we need to constantly increase our education, my CV will be updated a few times a year.​​​​