What is a Holistic Nutritionist?
A Holistic Nutritionist looks at your mind, body and spirit connection to your symptoms, so we can get to the root of the problem, improve your health and ultimately achieve balance.

Whole food is the foundation of our philosophy, nutrient dense foods that nourish and support your systems. Suggestions of how to nourish and support the mind and spirit are part of the lifestyle adjustments that are recommended to help you achieve your health goals.

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One question I ask of everyone I meet ... are you ready to make some serious changes in your life to achieve your goals?

Holistic health care is not a quick fix, it takes time and dedication to achieve internal balance, it's a positive change in lifestyle. This commitment comes from you, from a need to feel better and look better, inside and out.

All Initial interviews last 2 hours and is a fact-finding meeting so we can discuss your goals and I can gather all your information to build your individual program.

All programs include:
A homeopathic evaluation, meal plan, shopping list and recipes to help you achieve your goals. Supplements recommended are available at an additional cost.

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‘Back-on-Track‘ Programs
Do you feel like your eating has just gotten out of control?
Getting your eating back on track is easier than you think!
Individual Initial Interview and Program $97 (+ HST)
Family Initial Interview and Program $298 (+ HST)

‘I feel great!‘ Cleanse Program
Cleanses are a great way to rebalance your intestinal tract and get it flushed out, it helps eliminate toxins and parasites.
$97 (+ HST)

‘Parents-to-be‘ Cleanse Program
Considering getting pregnant in the next 6 months?
It’s a perfect time for a cleanse.
Couple Initial Interview and Program $298 (+ HST)

‘I can cook that!‘ Cooking Classes
Gluten free cooking & baking, vegetarian cooking - how to get a complete protein, quick meals for single/busy parents, diary and gluten free cooking, vegetarian/gluten and dairy free cooking.
For a group of 6 or more $58/person for a 4  hour lesson,
   plus leftovers

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