How do Homeopathic medicines work?
In the case of Homeopathic Flu prophylaxis (vaccination), we don’t introduce an actual germ, but educate the body on the symptoms associated with the flu.

Through homeopathic remedies the immune system is educated on flu symptoms, hangs onto this information and when the body is exposed to the flu it is ready to mount a defense before symptoms are even registered by the patient. This method of vaccination is highly effective, gentle and safe.

The Homeopathic Flu Kit consists of:

list of immune boosting foods and immune busters
list of recommended supplements
2 homeopathic medicines, take one dose on the first
   ​and one dose on the fifteenth of every month Oct 2014
   ​to May 2015

Are homeopathic medicines safe?
YES! I prescribe medicines to infants, pregnant mothers and the elderly, they're safe and effective for everyone at any stage of health and at any age.

For your cold & flu symptom chart to keep on your fridge click here

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