Homeopathic & Nutritional Treatments

Its' all about you!
​On your initial meeting it's 2hrs of you telling me all about your health concerns, what are your long-term health goals, your symptoms and what your expectations from treatment are. I'll ask you what
​are your challenges in achieving these goals and what changes you're willing to make to expience long-term health.

Follow-up appointments are 30min. and focus
on the results of your treatment with nutrition and homeopathy. I want to hear about your experience with the remedy and the changes you've seen in your body and symptoms.​​ How did you do on the lifestyle and food changes, as these changes may enhance the remedy's action.

Acute appointments are ​​30min. or less, and focus on the illness at hand and the few symptoms you are experiencing. Whether it's your symptoms or a family member, we focus on getting the body to resolve the issue quickly so you can get back to life! 
Acutes are:​ Colds, flu's, teething, broken bones, injury, pre-op/post-op treatments, labour & delivery, homeopathic remedies can help resolve these issues.

​All patients receive a nutritional plan with their homeopathic remedies. All homeopathic remedies are included in your treatment plan, with the exception of special orders, tissue salts or whole viles of remedy ​to manage chronic-acute episodes (i.e.: migraine remedies).

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A bit about who you're meeting

                                 ​​​​Jocelyn McTavish RHN DSHomMed
                                 ​Holistic Nutritionist & Homeopath​

My background is in nutrition and I have to confess, I'm a bit of a nutrition geek. I'm all about the food!

​​We are a society that is over fed but undernourished at the cellular level. I constantly see deficiencies show up as symptoms in patients.  

That's why nutrition is the foundation of all of my treatment plans.​ 

Holistic Nutrition and Homeopathy ​​work synergistically. For example: I can give someone homeopathic Coffea to help them sleep but if they're having 20 cups of coffee a day, that remedy isn't going to make an impact on that patient in helping them sleep. If I remove the coffee to one ​a day in the morning, and they sleep soundly and undisturbed, that symptom is no longer relevant. 

When deficiencies are resolved, symptoms reduce and the clear imbalance to the patient is right there in front of them, and me! All treatment plans are based on your symptoms. With Homeopathy having 3000 remedies and approx 18 potency's
​to choose from​​, making
 Homepathy a highly specific, safe, side effect free, treatment. 

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