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"Sometimes you can change your mind. Sometimes your mind can change you."
~ B. Scheiman

Meet Jocelyn, Founder of Homedica

Counselling and Nutrition to empower your mind and body.


Mental health and nutrition are cyclical, one has a direct influence over the other. Our first medicine should always be food. What we take into our bodies can change our lives, our energy levels and our health.


Employing psychology strategies to help with: anxiety, depression, ADHD/ASD, has been shown to retrain the brain to help manage these issues naturally, along with nutrition strategies. 


Studies have even found that clean diets consisting of mainly whole, unprocessed foods, can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. With ADHD/ASD eating a whole food diet has been shown to help with emotional dysregulation that accompanies neurodivergent children,
youth and adults.


As everyone presents their mental health and nutritional issues differently, my personalized programs are built to match the individual.
These programs are modified over time as the person learns how to manage their health on a daily basis. Holistic programs are not a quick fix,
it is an evolution of health, both the mentally and physically.


Certain nutrients are key in supporting neurodivergence, anxiety and depressive issues, and eating a processed diet leads to depletions that increases emotional dysregulation and impulsive habits. Whole food diet and supplementation are key on managing ADHD/ASD, depression and anxiety on a daily basis.

Every bite, every sip, takes you closer to your mental and physical goals.

Are you ready to meet your goals? 

Counselling & Nutrition


Cognitive therapy is just one method of psychology that helps to establish positive coping mechanisms and improves quality of life. Part of those coping mechanisms has to be food and lifestyle.

Only once you add in all elements of health can you achieve long-term results.

Everything said during counselling sessions are kept in confidence, between the individual and the practitioner. Building emotional intelligence not only helps to navigate childhood into adulthood and beyond, but it empowers you to become more empathic, establish self-confidence, and maintain positive relationships throughout life. 

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Counselling & Nutrition

Counselling and nutrition together make
a synergistic holistic treatment plan that transforms your health from the inside out. 

Counselling can help you:

  • Improve communications with others

  • Improve mood regulation associated
    with neurodivergence (ADHD/ASD)

  • Decrease stressors, to help manage anxiety and depression episodes 

  • Help resolve conflict more quickly
    and effectively

  • Improve your self-esteem

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety & panic

  • Increase feelings of balance and wellness

  • Improve relationships

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