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The Zing programs not only help develop your ability to learn new skills quicker but when the cerebellum is fully functional a person’s executive functions will increase. This is, in fact, an indirect consequence. The reason is when fundamental skills are incompletely developed by the Cerebellum they cannot be completely processed in the cortex. Some of the processing must be carried out in the Cerebrum (the thinking brain) as there is an element of “thinking about” performing that skill as it hasn’t been fully automated.

The thinking brain is where we make decisions, organize, remember lists etc – it is a busy place. But an under developed Cerebellum means it gets filled with processes that really need not be there. But the thinking brain is in the same part of the brain as the control of the executive functions and when it is in “overload” not only do you experience loss of emotional control it impairs the “executive” from doing its job properly. 

Executive functions include attention, working memory and cognitive flexibility. Improving this area will have a knock-on effect to other aspects of a person’s life including social skills, productivity and depression.

The Key To Lasting Improvements with Zing Performance

The Cerebellum “comes alive” when the vestibular is stimulated. The secret to developing the Cerebellum is to use physical exercises that create appropriate vestibular stimulation whilst simultaneously carrying out a coordinative exercise.

This enhances plasticity. Sounds easy?


Sadly not so easy – every brain is unique so requires a personalized program. Every brain develops at a different pace – so the program must adjust accordingly if it’s to maximize the development and thus realize the potential.

This is what the Zing team has spent many years perfecting. Now it uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to continue the fine tuning and optimize the speed of development. Happily, after working with many 1000’s of clients – children, adults and athletes we have a safe and proven system.

Taking only 10 minutes twice a day the program achieve life changing results in under 12 months for many. Those with more complex issues can take longer to achieve optimum changes. And, of course, when the Cerebellum develops the results last – unlike the memory functions of the Hippocampus which can be more temporary.

New Connections = New Skills = More Intelligence

The nature of the personalised Zing programs is that for each user they are receiving the correct type and level of stimulation for the correct amount of time – and this is adjusted everyday throughout the program.

We constantly measure every client’s progress so we can continue the enhancement of their program.

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