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About Homedica

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Welcome to Homedica,

My name is Jocelyn McTavish, Counsellor and Nutritionist.
For me this is a great combination of two amazing modalities.
As mental health influences our diet, our diet influences our mental health. Being able to assess people on two cyclical areas of our health is essential on getting to the heart of mental and physical goals. 


Maybe you are you struggling with a child, young adult or are you an adult, that is struggling with: emotional regulation, unable to recognize social cues, expressing anger, becoming weighed down from depressive or anxious thoughts, I am here to help navigate those feelings.


My style of Counselling focuses on a compassionate, integrated, responsive talk therapy that helps get in touch with feelings, actions, behaviours, and how it is impacting your life. Building emotional intelligence not only helps to navigate childhood into adulthood and beyond, but it allows you to become more empathic, establish self-confidence, and maintain positive relationships throughout life.


If you are struggling, let’s talk.


My background as a Clinical Nutritionist, in conjunction with Counselling, integrates my skills and commitment to helping children with ARFID improve their attitude towards food.
Or maybe you're an adult who needs to work in their relationship with food?


My work focuses on targeting ineffective behaviours, habits, and beliefs around food. Using a collaborative family approach, we help children address their food anxiety or avoidance and work towards food inclusion. Food is essential part of our health and building a varied menu for a restrictive eating child/adult, means that we are building better mental and physical health for their future.


If this is something you or your child is struggling with, let’s work together to live inclusively with food.

Member of CCPA, CCC
Insurance receipt issued for Sunlife and Manulife

Counselling & Nutrition

Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Health Anxiety

Mood Disorders / Depression

ADHD / Emotional Dysregulation
Post Pardum Depression

Self-defeating Behaviours & Beliefs

Negative Life Patterns

Life Event (Divorce, Empty Nest)

Grief & Bereavement



Digestive Wellness: IBS. IBD, Celiac

Allergies: Asthma, Eczema

Sports Nutrition Children/Adult


Canadian Counselling and Psychotherpay Association, Counselling, Compassionate care, confidential
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